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On leaving the entrance gateway, you can view a sprawling garden in front of you going all the way up to the plinth of the Taj. The Taj Garden covers most part of the Taj Complex. Out of a total area of 580 m by 300 m, the Taj Garden alone covers 300 m by 300 m. The guiding principle in creating this garden is one of the symmetry and it can be experienced everywhere. 


Garden near Taj Though the garden is now maintained regularly, it is still a patch on the original royal garden. The Char bagh, separated by the watercourses originating from the central, raised pool, were divided into 16 flowerbeds, making a total of 64. There were 400 plants in each bed. All the trees, either cypress (signifying death) and fruit trees (signifying life) were planted to maintain symmetry. The channels were stocked with colorful fish and the gardens with beautiful birds. Royal guests were invited to the tomb - so the stables and guesthouses were also built.The garden today is only peaceful region in the entire complex and the best for framing photos of the tomb with foliage.