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Goa is a tourist destination where people flock to from all across the globe. The basic image that most people get of Goa is not the same as what they get about any other state in India. Today Goa invokes the image of stretches of beaches with prancing holiday-hoppers. The boom of Goa tourism caught up from the Hippy era onwards.

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Moreover, Goa as a tourist destination goes beyond its beaches. Tourism in Goa thrives due to the cultural aspect of the state as well. Goa has had such a chequered past that its myriad aspects keep visitors coming back for more. Its Gothic churches, ruined and flourishing temples, pristine beaches, cultural festivals and not to forget its unique and mouth-watering cuisine, all make tourism in Goa a thriving industry. Beaches in Goa are world famous for its scenic beauty and the night life. If you are lucky enough then even during the peak season you might be able to fetch a discount vacation package for goa.

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