Ladakh festival is organized and celebrated in vivid manners in many parts of Kargil. During the festival many folk dances and various sets of games are organized. Also as a set of the major interests and rarity are the Brok Pas cultural programs which have a social and cultural platform. Similar to it other programs are also held in Zanskar Valley, where is the traditional sport called "Saka" taken as a high point. In this traditional sport a number of colorfully dressed horses make their remarkable presence in the racing competition. Apart from those, another important part of the festival is a trade program where one can find caravan loaded with traders.


What to buy and where to buy: Leh is the heaven of every tourist, especially for Shopping for the traditional items. In Leh you can shop for Chilling work that includes copper, silver and brass chang and tea pots; ladles and bowls, tea cup stands and lids; hookah base, and occasionally silver chortens. And while shopping, don’t just forget to look for the pattu, the rough yet warm wool used by the Ladakh locals and Tibet carpets and Pashminas. These home and handmade stuffs can be bought from at the beautiful stalls available during the festival. Also, special buys in the festival are apricot available fresh and dried, as well; parek (traditional Ladakhi head-dress for female); ornate tea kettle, turquoise and corals are among the best buy and most suitable souvenir you would like to take back home as the sweet memory of the grand Ladakh Festival.


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